Fall IN: A 10-Day Mindset Workshop for Beginning Anything

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No matter where you are or what season your life & work are in, I invite you to Fall IN & BEGIN...

Hey love,

My name is Amanda Verdery Young, Conscious Business Teacher & Coach... It's the new year witching hour, and I so want you to begin something incredible in 2019...

Begin that business, that new chapter in your current business, that new way of being, that big change or special creative project that you’re yearning for.... it's time.

The world needs us all to begin the important work moving in us, again and again.

But beginning is hard. It's literally the hardest part.

It was for me.

In fact, it was so challenging to even begin to step into my soul's work and into a new way of being with myself and my dreams that I’ve spent some years learning and figuring out...

What DOES it take to begin? What are the conditions we each need?

Why do we struggle, get stuck, start spinning... and what's the medicine for it?

I have no doubt you’re brave and you’ve already begun many incredible things. Thank you for your courage. But there’s that next place... and it’s calling you. It’s got your number and you know it’s what you’re supposed to be doing or pursuing or just simply beginning already- one step at a time.

If the call is loud for you as you walk into 2019, I encourage you to be deeply supported by some powerful mindset shifts that are a part of this simple but stirring workshop...

Because what I’ve found on my own journey is that, no matter what big dream or change you’re trying to ignite, it all gets wayyy more possible when you tune and empower your mindset, on a deep and revolutionary level.

That will mean different things to different people but hear this: no matter what you wish to begin, the noise of the world will tell you there is an "exact" way. And you can learn a lot out there, pick up some tips for sure. Probably even some BIG IMPORTANT steps...

But guess what? Your way is the right way. If you’re not honoring your own beautiful story, aligning with your own inner well of inspiration, work to transform your own limiting and fear-based belief, getting disciplined on your own terms and learning to plan steps and projects soulfully... it just won’t happen.

THESE are the 5 powerful mindset practices I want to share with you: Honoring, Alignment, Letting Go, Sacred Discipline, and Soulful Planning.

So that no matter what you’re beginning and no matter how much education you get from the outside, you’ll be able to access the self-love & inspiration from within that will ultimately be what gets you out the door and actually BEGINNING. Again and again and again. Until it’s done.

In Our 10-Days Together, You're Going to Learn To:

DEEPLY HONOR your story so that you can easily connect with the wisdom you already carry within and use it to help you decide what’s next, or how to authentically lean into your story as you get started... so empowering to own your story.

CONSUME negative thoughts/stories that prey on your growth, instead of pushing them down or letting them overrun you. A lot of us live in the same limiting storylines year after year… here’s a way to transform them powerfully over time - it’s a process!

ALIGN WITH YOUR HIGHEST SELF so that you can access the right decisions for you, as well as an unlimited well of inspiration, whenever you wish. The answers are already within you… you don’t need someone else’s blueprint. You just need to access your own.

CONJURE SACRED, SEXY DISCIPLINE so that you’re fully available and prepared for what matters most to you, more consistently than you ever thought possible. Consistency is absolutely key to beginning something that actually gains momentum, but if you struggle with discipline, you’re not alone. Flip the script with me and become the soulful action-taker.

PLAN YOUR PROJECTS LIKE A PRO, in a way that has everything to do with freedom and momentum, and nothing to do with hustle or "shoulds." This was a revelation to me and I’ve made it my own. Take my tips and make them your own, and make this planning so fun and actually do-able.

+ Learn two simple daily rituals for enduring self-worth that can be done anytime you need to renew your own, divine right to do the work or create the change you KNOW you're meant for.


5 Mindset Masterclasses (Videos to watch whenever you like), released every other day. (est. value: $275)

Your Fall IN Workbook, with exercises for each masterclass, so that you can apply what you're learning to your own life right away. (est. value $100)

A BONUS mindset masterclass to lift you up & help you build momentum consistently over the long term (est. value $50).

+An Invitation to join the Seasoned Business Community -- a closed Facebook group where I offer free, weekly coaching, answer questions about growing an abundant, successful, heart-centered career + get peer support! (Priceless)

Everything is yours for life, happily ever after.
Begin whenever you like (hint: soon! You're ready!)

I believe so deeply in these practices, and in you.
They'll brighten, lighten & clarify your world.
And if you let them, they'll change your life.

So, what are you waiting for my dear? Fall IN & Begin…

From The Community...

“Amanda has a gift for guiding and healing. I never imagined how transformative this experience could be."
- M.L, Functional Nutritionist & Health Coach

"I'm filled with inspiration all the time now, and am building a new offering! I'm also selling my books when just a few weeks ago I thought I wouldn't be able to."
- A. T., Healer, Herbalist & Teacher

“I realized and got down to the truth of what it is I want to offer at this time. I was humbled, and completely inspired by the amount of inner work that came out of these external exercises..."
- T. B., Podcast Host

Your Instructor

Amanda Verdery Young
Amanda Verdery Young

Hello Lovely One!

I've been a conscious, deep-hearted entrepreneur for nearly two decades. My purpose in life, along with being a mama and dear friend to my people and the planet, is to help YOU discover your purpose and find creative ways to make a living doing what you LOVE.

I'm trained in some of the most cutting edge, compassion-based business development & online marketing. I'm also a life-long student of spiritual/personal development, a Reiki Master and a devotee of mindfulness. Ive been fortunate to have studied with and been mentored by some of the most incredible spiritual teachers and thought-leaders of our time.

To me, there cannot be an effort toward outer abundance without the cultivation of inner worth and wellbeing. My approach marries left and right brain, outer work with inner work, personal dreams with purpose-driven service, and strategy with intuition! The effects are amazing. I'm honored to hold this space!

I teach this largely through the lens of the Seasons- aka the creative cycle- because I see it as infinitely more empowering and sustainable than the unstable ladder of "business as usual." This is a new, connected and feminist approach to living out your dreams and being a change-maker.

I see the conscious entrepreneurship as a powerful pathway to transformation, for self and society. I truly believe that the more of us that can be joyful, engaged, thriving and of deeply meaningful service to the world, the more the whole world will sigh with solutionary relief, and will be healthier and made more whole.

You can read more about my story here or grab a FREE RiseUp Session. I hope to meet you. The life you dream of is already alive within you. I'd be honored to guide your process of becoming all you're meant to be, and all that you long to be and create!

Class Curriculum

  Honor Your Story & Decide What You Really Want.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Align With Your Highest Self & Conjure Unlimited Inspiration
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Hunt & Consume The Predator Within.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Cultivate Sacred, Sexy Discipline.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Make An Empowering & Effective Plan.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  BONUS! A Final Practice to Keep You Going over the Long Term + 2 Easy, Daily Rituals for Enduring Worthiness
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you're truly unsatisfied after watching all videos/10-days after you sign up, then I'm happy to give you a 100% refund. All I ask is that you submit your completed workbooks within two weeks of signing up. This is an immersive experience that will only be of benefit if you're doing the work. If you've done the work, and you're still like- girl, this ain't jiving with me, please get in touch and we will make everything ok. :)

A Uniquely Seasonal Approach To Life & Business...

There are a million ways to do mindset & personal growth work out there. Many roads to spiritual awakening...

I believe the world needs more feminist-minded, sustainable pathways to our dreams & potential. For me, feminism is, put simply, a balanced life cycle.

Our greatest teacher is Nature. Her cycles instruct us and color every part of lives. We move through the seasons of the year, grounded by their rituals and gifts, strengthened by their challenges.

But our lives and our work also have these cycles.... seasons within seasons. As more and more of us find the linear, grind-to-the-top, competitive atmosphere of the culture stifling and unsustainable, we're returning in many ways to the more natural, creative cycle...

We're finding out that not only does this intuitive cycle readily provide wealth, health and happiness... but it's the way to a safe & healthy world for all.

All cycles begin with an ending. It's the ending of something, the need for something to be shed or shifted, that ultimately gets us moving. Fall leading into the Wintertime, as well as the year's end in and of itself, is the time of endings, letting go, magic & the inspiration and vision to begin anew.

You'll be deeply guided as YOU decide what's ending and what magical, big thing you're going to manifest next for your beautiful, precious life...

Get started now!